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Room Collection by MAISON the FAUX

On the 18th of April 2018, Hotel The Exchange opened a new room collection designed by Dutch fashion label MAISON the FAUX. Six unique and super fashionable rooms, with names like 'The Fashion Consumer' and 'Luxury Shopping', were fabulously presented by Liesbeth in 't Hout, former director of Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). With its new fashion collection, Hotel The Exchange continues on its initial concept to constantly innovate, by offering a platform to young and talented designers.



The FAUX Room Collection

MAISON the FAUX uses fashion clichés and social archetypes to emphasise, expand and transform them into their shows, collections and projects. For the room designs at Hotel The Exchange, they focused on parallel clichés within the fashion industry and the hotel business.

Room 101 | The Advertising"Sell your soul to the FAUX devil or advertise the essence of your FAUX angel..."

Room 105 | The Fashion Consumer
"After a long day of shopping, unpack your FAUX shopping bags and dream a little dream of outrageous shoes."

Room 303 | The Model
"Nobody's too ugly to be a model in our FAUX universe. Mix in with our Humanwear models backstage at a FAUX show."

Room 317 | The Catwalk
"Walk down our FAUX catwalk, look into the blinding lights and sleep front row."

Room 504 | The Changing Room
"Not wearing any MAISON the FAUX? Quickly change into a full FAUX look!"

Room 701 | Luxury Shopping
"Only the best is ever good enough. Don't mind the FAUX kids down the alley, just focus on all that shines and what's too expensive to afford."

Pictures of the rooms and our extraordinary opening can be found here. 
 About MAISON the FAUX
MAISON the FAUX is a creative studio posing as a grand couture fashion house. The house aspires to be an affectionate reaction to the current fashion industry and a big faux wink in the direction of an audience liberated enough to move freely through an often narrow-minded world. ‘The Fictional House’, a rough translation of MAISON the FAUX, is rooted in a great sense of humour and self-mockery, combined with a deep love of fashion. MAISON the FAUX represents a new outlook on masculinity and femininity creating Humanwear.

"What triggered and inspired us about Hotel The Exchange is that there is a lot of common ground between 'the hotel' and the themes that are represented in our own work," says Tessa from MAISON the FAUX. "Volatile luxury, a momentum, a rich experience, clichés, a space where you can shamelessly be yourself. For us, fashion is a means of expression, not an end goal that can be applied to anything."