Hi everybody! My name is Bobbie and I grew up in the centre of Amsterdam. I love the city because it’s laid back, vibrant and alive. To me it is like living in a metropolis but with a village feel. I love to explore Amsterdam by bike and I'm always looking for fresh, new and fun places. 
I enjoy good, honest food. Lucky for me, I’m working in one of the hottest restaurants in town so I’m close to the source! I also keep myself busy with fashion, makeup and photography. I can watch the city’s street fashion for days…

I love Amsterdam’s nightlife, you can regularly find me on the dance floor at one of my favourite clubs or sitting on a terrace with a good glass of wine. Actually, there’s a good chance you will bump into me somewhere :)

With this city guide I want to give you a glimpse of  my Amsterdam. These are the places I love the most! Enjoy!