Stay on top of Amsterdam's canals! 

SWEETS hotel is an innovative hotel concept in Amsterdam, consisting of 28 individually designed tiny bridge houses, dotted through the city and connected by waterways. With structures dating from 1673 up to 2009, every bridge house has a story of its own. 

For over a 100 years, Amsterdam's bridge houses accommodated the city's many bridge keepers who were responsible for opening these impressive structures for passing boat traffic. However, with the introduction of a centralised bridge control system, the bridge houses became redundant. SWEETS hotel brings the tiny houses back to life by restoring the historic exteriors and transforming the interiors into unique hotel rooms. With a digital Neighbourhood Guide available in every bridge house, SWEETS hotel offers curious travellers the perfect starting point to discover Amsterdam’s hidden gems.

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SWEETS hotel was conceptualized by Suzanne Oxenaar, Otto Nan and Gerrit Groen of Seven New Things  initiators of Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy (sold in 2018) and Hotel The Exchange.


Seven New Things was co-founded by Suzanne Oxenaar, Otto Nan and Gerrit Groen. Based in Amsterdam, they develop ideas into concepts and concepts into enterprises.

The trio’s first initiative – Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy – was created in partnership with Liesbeth Mijnlieff. Since then, Nan as managing director, Oxenaar as artistic director, and Groen as editor-at-large have launched multiple pioneering hotel concepts. Hailing from a background in the cultural sector, Oxenaar as curator and Nan as art historian, they established the Cultural Embassy as a cultural hub and incubator at the Lloyd Hotel in 2004. Through the Cultural Embassy they forged collaborations with the city, architects, designers, educational and art institutions, activists, and the broader creative community, thereby establishing the blueprint for future projects.

In their signature hands-on style, Nan and Oxenaar have initiated countless art and design products that reach beyond the hospitality world; taking innovative ideas from design phase to production and eventually to commercial distribution with a selection of partners. 

Seven New Things are often called upon to share their experiences in transforming existing places and spaces; to give a new vision and impulse to city districts at home in the Netherlands and abroad.

Seven New Things projects include:
• Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy (sold in 2018)
• The temporary LLOVE hotel (Tokyo, 2010)
• Hotel The Exchange (2011)
• SWEETS hotel (2017)
• Hotel Holland (coming soon)