Hotel The Exchange: fashion hotel in central Amsterdam - Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1012 LL, Netherlands


  • @laviniaguglielman

Lavinia Guglielman - March 2017

"Quando sono entrata non potevo credere ai miei occhi, davvero questi ragazzi avevano ricreato tanta meraviglia?"

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  • @thelittleplum

Chloe Plumstead - March 2017

"It’s an Instagrammer’s dream. Much much good, 13/10 would visit again."

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  • @camiejuan

Camie Juan - January 2017

"I love Hotel The Exchange because not only were their rooms beautiful, it felt like I was experiencing a fashion exhibit, it was eye candy everywhere I looked. It inspired me, it excited me, and it made me appreciate the passion and hard work put into every single last detail - how can you not love that?"

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  • @irinahp 6

Irinahp - February 2017

"The magical room is called Crinoline and is one of the oldest in the hotel, located under the ridge. The designer was inspired in one of Grimm´s fairy tales. So imagine sleeping under a large crinoline skirt made from a collage of old fabrics...whimsical."

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  • @irinahp10

Irinahp - January 2017

"The designers wanted to reflect multiple faces and sides of the fashion industry, so one room is inspired by Marie Antoinette, some are minimalist, one is dressed in a big, white t-shirt, there are so many interesting designs."

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  • 96AA2ABE-BB0B-4BCD-BC19-703D7F82109F

Irinahp - December 2016

"Behind a tiny entrance that I passed by every single time, (it´s super small, really) you´ll wind a world of funky fashion, unique rooms and an enchanting bohemian life. It is like Alice in Wonderland, I would say, the tiny, single door opening into a narrow corridor representing the rabbit hole. And after that happens the magic, you´ll get into a lift that´ll take you to the most charming room."

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  • Berries and Passion

Berries & Passion - 2016

"Kein Zimmer gleicht dem anderen und gerade das fand ich so toll an diesen Hotel."

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  • crystal rock shop

Crystal Rock - 2016

"Als Fashionlover kann ich mir kein besseres Hotel vorstellen!"

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  • marina

Marina the Moss - 2016

"Dann schließlich im Zimmer 403 angekommen – eröffnete sich ein Prinzessinentraum!"

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  • vogue house

Vogue Haus – 2016

"I really felt like at home, because of how "fashionable" the place was."

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  • chloe sterk

Chloë Sterk – 2016

"It almost feels as if I own my own room on the Damrak."

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  • mesvoyageaparis

Mes Voyage Á Paris – 2016

"A boutique fashion hotel"

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  • profielfoto negin

Negin Mirsalehi
- 2015

"Acclaimed Dutch fashion blogger Negin Mirsaheli shoots her Spring look in our beautiful Marie Antoinette room."  

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  • profielfoto nathalie

Nathalie Kemna
- 2014

"It’s a very artistic fashion and design hotel at the Dam Square in Amsterdam. Wow, I'm in love!"

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  • your little black book

Your little Black Book - 2014

"Hotel The Exchange is a very special fashion hotel in the heart of Amsterdam."

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