Hotel The Exchange - Amsterdam, 1012 LL, Paesi Bassi


Eight freshly graduated and final-year students of AMFI (Design & Fashion and Fashion & Branding) were selected to dress the rooms of hotel The Exchange. Each student was wholly responsible for their design concept.

Otto Nan & Suzanne Oxenaar

  • Suzanne en Otto

Hotel The Exchange is a concept of Otto Nan and Suzanne Oxenaar, who also initiated Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy and the Llove Hotel in Tokyo. The rooms of The Exchange are being dressed as if they are fashion models by (former) students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Together with the Textile Museum in Tilburg special fabrics were being developed for the outfits of the hotel rooms.

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Matthijs van Cruijsen and Ina Meijer are designer duo Ina-Matt. They were responsible for the interior design of the hotel and have managed the AMFI students who fitted out the rooms. Essential to this process was to find a form which strongly emphasized the characteristics of the individual designers.

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  • Living in a cardboard box -3ster - Mirjam Bleeker
  • Epaulettes - Mirjam Bleeker
  • The Clean Scene 2 - Mirjam Bleeker

An approach of fabric in its purest has been the point of departure for the design of my room. Day in and day out we are creating a spectacle of pleats which move on the rhythm of the human body.

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  • Comfort room (3)
  • Hotel The Exchange Live Handdrawing room 4 star
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My room is based on a fairytale of the brothers Grimm. It became the source of inspiration for my hotel room. I brought back the story to its basic values and then I started to collect associated images.

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  • hotelTheExchange94
  • Building a View  designer Anne Wolters - photo Mirjam Bleeker